See Me campaign is helping people to end the stigma surrounding mental health

A new See Me campaign seeks to end the stigma surrounding mental health. According to Mental health Colorado, millions of people are suffering from mental health. However, almost 60 percent of adults and 70 percent of children are not getting the proper care they need. Hence, the new campaign called See Me is going to help fight the stigma surrounding mental health that sometimes can stop people from seeking proper treatment to improve their mental health. A woman told in an interview that she is dealing with PTSD for so long now. She said that the reason behind her PTSD is from childhood sexual abuse. She was suffering from the incident for 25 years.

Laura Teachout, a board member for the Colorado Springs National Alliance, said: “That’s manifested in just these feelings of hopelessness and being pretty dark, and at times it’s been hard for me to think clearly.” Further, she said that she, fortunately, received help in several ways. One of the ideas was meeting people with similar experiences through the NAMI support group. Teachout expressed that she would wish illness to anyone. However, knowing there are other people out there with the same struggle was helpful and comforting. Hence, one of the primary goals of the See Me campaign is to show people that they are not alone.

Madlyn Ruble, the Deputy Director of Communications for the Colorado Department of Human Services, said that people need to have that outreach. Madlyn noted that people need to be seen, and feel connected. Signing up for the See Me campaign has three simple steps. First and the significant step is to sign the pledge saying that you will ask for help and will help others around you. Secondly, a fourteen days challenge in which a new prompt will appear every day. This prompt is to engage a person in the conversation. People will be able to describe their mental health issues in different languages. The third challenge is a virtual story prompt. Telling a story in person could be a difficult task for some people. Hence, a story prompt will allow people to share their stories on a virtual story prompt. Colorado Behavioural Task Force developed the See Me campaign funded through the Colorado Department of Human Services.

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