Gmail Introducing Dynamic and Interactive Email for Smartphone Users

There is no denying Gmail is one of the most sought after email services used by billions of web users globally. From time to time, Google keeps adding new features to the service-more, so for its Smartphone app versions. A new update for the Gmail app is available and Android, and iOS users will be able to use it soon. The latest version of Gmail will be dynamic- as per the reports. Google wants users to experience something better than static emails. The feature already exists in the web version of Gmail.

The new Gmail app offers many more options to the end-users. Now, they can take action without leaving the email UI. They can, for example, fill out a questionnaire, respond to a comment, or browse a catalog. This is going to help them save precious time-says Google. The idea is making email more functional. This can be enabled by checking the settings section in the Gmail app. However, the users may get it at different timings. The official rollout started on November 21st. Google terms it as an extended rollout, and that means it may take two weeks for the rollout to complete! It will get enabled for the G Suite editions.

One benefit of using dynamic email is that they are easier to keep up to date. So, if you order something from an online store from within the Gmail UI, next time you open the email thread- updated order status will show up. Earlier in March, Aakash Sahney Gmail project manager said Redbus, Oyo rooms, and Pinterest are using the feature. While dynamic Gmail seems like a helpful and time-saving feature, there can be some risks, warn the security experts. Google had to fix a cross-site scripting issue, also called XSS security flaw in the email app. So, the Smartphone users should be a tad careful when using the new Dynamic version of the Gmail app.

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